Best leaders know how to retain talents

We already explore the four types of leaders who cause employees to leave. However, the truth is, no matter how good we are as leaders, employees still leave. What we can do is to improve and put our effort in becoming a leader that employees always want to follow. The below actions and behaviors will more or less remind us to become a more effective leader.

1. Take responsibility to build strong relationship with employees: If something is causing the relationship to go bad, take the initiative to amend.

2. Perform exit interviews when employees quit: Similar to job interviews, exit interviews with leaving employees are to find the true reasons why they want to quit the job. If we are the reason, offer them our apology and ask them whether it is too late for them to change their mind.

3. Highly value employees: If employees trust us in the leadership role, that’s a good thing. But it will be better if we also truly believe in them.

4. Consider the trust of employees as the most important thing: Maybe we are not excellent in every aspect, but we must show for our employees to see that we are trustworthy in any situation, at any time.

5. Keep our spiritual health to create a harmonious work environment: Always try to maintain a positive mindset and right behaviors toward employees so that they feel safe to work with us.

6. Cultivate a learning and growing spirit: Keep on learning and growing your leadership ability. When we’re truly confident and mature, we’re no longer afraid that our subordinates will replace us. We will become the leverage for them to reach their full potential, not the rope that ties them down. Do not forget that the ultimate purpose of a great leader with influence is to add values to others.

One of the worst things that can happen for a company is losing its talents. If that happens, do not blame your competitors or employees or any other external factors. The first person to blame is the leaders. To help the company retain talents to achieve the goals and mission, the first thing we must do is to develop ourselves to become more effective leaders.

Adapted from “Leadership Gold” by John C. Maxwell.

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