Why people leave your company?

A survey shows that up to 65% of people quitting their jobs is because of the direct bosses. The employees themselves still love their jobs and the company still gives them benefits. But they leave because of bad relationship with their supervisors. In other words, they don’t leave jobs, but they leave leaders. These are the 4 types of leaders who will cause employees to leave.

(i) Leaders who undervalue employees: For the employees, nothing is more motivating to them than listening to the positive feedback or praises from their boss. For many leaders, criticism or blaming is easier to do than praise or commend. The reason is, in order to praise or commend, we must believe in the ability of our staff, then recognize their contributions – no matter how big or small. And to do this, we need certain time and effort. If not, our praises won’t be perceived as being authentic by our staff, and they will lose their meaning.

(ii) Leaders who are untrustworthy: Employees will never contribute their full capacity if they have to work with a boss that they don’t trust. A recent survey from Manchester Consultancy showed that these 5 behaviors or traits were the top reasons to cause the leaders to lose their trustworthiness.

Do not follow through with what they say

Care about personal gains rather than the benefits of the team

Withhold information

Lie or only tell part of the truth

Narrow-minded and conservative

(iii) Leaders who lack capacity: One of the number one complaints from employees is that they have to work with incapable leaders. These leaders will always cause the staff to lose direction and not be able to focus on the most important tasks. If the employees have strong experience or skills, they will worry that their leaders will mess things up, and if the employees themselves also lack experience and skills, they will not know what to do. In both cases, the leader’s lack of capacity leads to low efficiency, energy, and excitement.

(iv) Leaders who lack confidence: Even if leaders show respect toward employees, uphold integrity and capacity, the employees may still want to leave if the leaders lack one important character: confidence. Leaders who lack confidence have the tendency to thirst for power and praise from others, so they usually show worries, suspicions, lack of trust, or jealousy. In many cases, the lack of confidence shows less clearly – through the way the leaders see that fast-growing and highly capable employees are a threat. Because of that, they don’t want to develop and train employees to achieve full potential, and make themselves become “irreplaceable” so they can stay at the leadership positions as long as possible. Employees who work with such unconfident leaders are like eagles without wings; they cannot fly high and far. And one day, they will leave the company to find a new environment, with new leaders to help them reach their maximum potential.

Adapted from “Leadership Gold” by John C. Maxwell.

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