★ Think and answer the following questions:
☑ Do you know what you want to do for your future?
☑ Do you know your passion and dream?
☑ Have you started your journey to make that dream come true?
☑ Have you found a mentor to guide you on that journey?
☑ Have you created for yourself a conducive environment to propel you to success?

If your answer to any of those questions is “no”, now is the time for you to master yourself. Trainer Daniel Tran with years of experience in training & education, human potential, speaking and personal development in Singapore will work directly with you to paint your life picture, and write your life story.

‘Master Yourself – Master Your Future’ is a one-day training program, designed to help you experience a process of discovering your own self. With a class size of small to very small, and being conducted as a combination between coaching and training, you will truly experience and discuss your deepest and most important issues in your life, and overcome your difficulties. After the program, you will gain deep insights about life and your role in life.

» Part 1: Draw your life map – Look back at your life to use it as a leverage, to discover your passion, dream, and strengths

» Part 2: Uncover your true self – Discover your characters, values, personality, and know how to overcome your fears to march on to your future

» Part 3: Create your life sweet spot – Clearly understand your interests and passion, and write your life mission with the plan to carry out that mission through a step-by-step guide

» Part 4: Take off by the right habits – Use the power of habits and create positive habits to reach a life you always want


The main language to be used in the program will be Vietnamese. We will offer the same program in English if there’s demand and there’re enough interested participants to form one group (at least 10 participants per workshop).



1.490.000đ per workshop. You will receive 20% discount if you register and make your payment early.

Program Structure

The workshops are held on Saturday, from 8:30 to 17:30 at ELTD Co., Ltd (407/2 Su Van Hanh Street, Ward 12, District 10, HCMC).


Daniel Tran | daniel.tran@eltd.com.vn | fb.com/eltd.com.vn | +84-936661411



+84 (0)936 661 411


Daniel Tran has rich and diverse experiences in speaking, leadership and training in Singapore and Vietnam. Being a well-known speaker in the Toastmasters community in Singapore, he has conducted numerous seminars, workshops and coaching sessions on speaking and leadership development for Toastmasters and the public. His repertoire of training programs includes effective leadership, inspirational and motivational speaking, speech crafting, powerful presentation, and storytelling, among other topics in essential communication skills. He has developed a distinct speaking and training style that brings his learners through a process of self-realization of their inherent capabilities, through interactive games, exciting activities, exploratory dialogues, and experiential learning. He has been a speaker in numerous events of Toastmasters in Singapore and Vietnam, and TEDx.

Daniel holds a Master of Training and Development (MTD) from Griffith University (Australia), an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) accredited by Workforce Development Agency (Singapore), and a Bachelor of Electronic Engineering from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). As a Toastmaster, he is the first and only person in Vietnam who has achieved the highest title of Distinguished Toastmaster, accredited by Toastmasters International.

Daniel served as a leader in many organizations. He has led international teams in a vast range of disciplines, from small teams in highly fast-paced technology and innovation projects, to large teams of more than 50 people in business development and community outreach programs. His relationship-oriented leadership styles, combined with his strong characters and principles, contributed significantly to the successful results of those projects. A few highlights included a successful partnership with Vinamilk, VNG, and Tropdicorp in a year-long business case development program involving thousands of participants, and a well harmonized collaboration with National University of Singapore, National University Hospital, world-renowned medical professors, and Panasonic in a cancer research program.

Daniel is passionate about people development. By continuously developing himself as a leader and speaker, he aims to influence a positive shift of young Vietnamese people’s mindsets and actions in education and leadership, and to guide them in achieving their dreams.