John Maxwell Team is a founded by John C. Maxwell, World’s #1 leadership and management expert. It is a community of the most significant and sought after coaches, teachers, trainers, speakers and professionals with more than 12,000 members from every age group, every background, and every walk of life. Team members are trained and coached by John Maxwell himself, using his 40+ years of leadership and personal growth wisdom. The skills, tools and resources give members a big step ahead in their journey to success, which would take years to accumulate without the guidance and aid from this international community.

Stephen Khor, ELTD’s facilitator, is one of the 7 excellent members of Corporate Global Family in John Maxwell Team. He and his family have been actively engaged and learned with John Maxwell. In Vietnam, he is one of a few teachers, speakers, and coaches who are certified to deliver John Maxwell programs, which have impacted and changed millions of lives.


A journey of growth with John Maxwell Team is life-changing. No matter what your needs for personal and professional skills are, the Advanced Leadership Certification Program from John Maxwell has a pathway for you: leadership training, coach training, speaker training, sales training, and marketing training & social media. Emerge yourself in this community to receive the support from thousands of top leaders from every industry, and increase your influence to achieve more in less time.

With the vision to become the pre-eminent Leadership Training and Resource Center in Vietnam, ELTD follows the principles of John Maxwell and promises to train and develop every participant and organization through discovery, growth, and transformation to benefit individuals, organizations, community, and society. We connect you with John Maxwell Team, giving you a bridge between you and your bright future.

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