“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein. Achieving breakthroughs requires us to understand how our mind works. We need to identify the root of our actions and break the terror barrier in our thinking. This program focuses on four areas: understanding the human brain and how it functions, knowing the importance of the conscious and subconscious minds, breaking the terror barrier to achieve new results, and increasing our awareness to establish a new mindset. [Find out more]

You have a great idea for a business but you can’t seem to get along with people to make that idea come true. You want to improve your relationship with your loved ones but somehow you still fall into the traps of arguments. You get anxious and angry rather easily whenever something bad happens. It’s all because you have not learned how to master your emotions. [Find out more]

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has proven to be one of the critical success factors in both our personal and professional lives. For leaders, possessing high EQ not only helps them broaden their influence zone but also increases their overall leadership effectiveness. This series of developing human performance includes 3 programs focusing on EQ development at three levels: personal, team, and organization. This first program emphasizes on EQ development at personal level: being a leader. [Find out more]

This second program in the series of developing human performance (Emotional intelligence) focus on specific aspects of building a high performing team. These aspects include creating trust, managing performance, providing feedback, and encouraging motivation. This program benefits not only team leaders but for team members who need to be aware of their responsibilities and roles in building a winning team. [Find out more]

The third and final program in the human performance development series is EQ for Transforming Organization. It focuses on important areas that are the foundation for organizational growth such as customer service, implementing change and developing best practices. [Find out more]

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