Blueprint to Success: Purpose – Vision – Goal


25 Aug 2020


8:00 am - 5:00 pm


In-door Training




  • Stephen Khor
    Stephen Khor

    EQ Practitioner Expert at SixSeconds Organization
    Excutive Director of The John Maxwell Team

    General Director of Binh An Water Company
    General Director of IJM Vietnam Construction Company
    Director of Learning & Management of ELTD Company
    Former Founding Member & Vice President of Malaysian Business Chamber
    Mr. Khor has more than 30 years of working experience and has spent his last 19 years working in Vietnam. Currently he is the General Director of the Binh An Water Company Limited. This is the first 100% foreign owned and the first Build, Operate, and Transfer (B.O.T) Water Supply Scheme in Vietnam with 100,000 MLD capacity supplying treated water to Ho Chi Minh City.

    Over the years, Mr. Khor has been actively involved in business building in Vietnam, he was feature in NHK World TV, Japan on Asia Biz Forecast (2010), Round Table Speaker for the Global Water Summit in Rome, Italy (2012), National Workshop on the Private Sector Participation Study in the Vietnam Water and Sanitation Sector (World Bank and SEAWUN) in Hanoi and speaker for 2015 TEDx Youth@Dien Bien Phu St in HCMC.

    Mr Khor has been providing training and seminars on Human Resource Development, Personal Development and Leadership Skills to various large organizations in Vietnam like BNI Vietnam, Young Business Association of Ho Chi Minh City, Large Construction Companies, Hong Leong Bank VN Ltd, UNECO Vietnam, HCMC and NGOs.

    Mr. Khor also actively involved in education work by sharing Water Treatment and Environment Protection knowledge to various International Schools in HCMC such as SSIS, AIS, ACG, Singapore International School, International School of Saigon Pearl, American International School, etc.

    His goal is to continuously develop my leadership skill and teach others to change lives. I am committed to serving others by adding value, equipping and inspiring them to re-capture their self image and unleashing their potential for a better life.

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ELTD Company


ELTD Company
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“The man who knows how will always have a job, the man who knows why will always be his boss.”

“Người biết rõ ‘Làm sao’ sẽ luôn có việc làm, người biết rõ ‘Tại sao’ sẽ luôn là ông chủ của chính mình.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Many people know that they need to make a change in their lives to success. However, they are more obsessed by the question of “How” rather than “Why.” The incredible content of this course will help you to figure out why the “Why” is the most crucial for your lives and you can achieve the success. They will also help you to look through the lenses of Purpose, Vision & Goal via exercises, thoughts, and provoking questions that will force you to dig deeper and make the pivotal change you desire for your own life, your job and your company.

Rất nhiều người biết họ cần thực hiện một thay đổi trong đời sống họ. Tuy nhiên, họ bị lấp đầy tâm trí bởi câu hỏi “Làm sao,” hơn là câu hỏi “Tại sao.” Nội dung tuyệt vời của khóa học này sẽ giúp bạn khám phá ra tại sao câu hỏi “Tại sao” là chìa khóa then chốt nhất cho cuộc đời bạn & làm sao nhìn xuyên qua lăng kính của Mục Đích, Tầm Nhìn & Mục Tiêu qua các bài tập và những câu hỏi động não sẽ khiến bạn phải đào sâu hơn và thực hiện sự thay đổi chính yếu mà bạn khao khát cho cuộc đời, công việc & công ty của mình.

At the end of the program, participants are expected to Cuối chương trình, học viên có thể ứng dụng các nội dung dưới đây
    • Gain awareness of “Why” / Nhận thức về câu hỏi “Tại sao”
    • Identify the border of Purpose, Vision, & Goal / Xác định biên giới của Mục Đích, Tầm Nhìn & Mục Tiêu 
    • See the journey steps of gaining Purpose, Vision, and Goal / Nhìn nhận quá trình các bước để đạt tới Mục Đích, Tầm Nhìn & Mục Tiêu
    • Build & strengthen them for themselves and their companiese /  Xây dựng, củng cố quy trình thực hiện các bước này cho bản thân và doanh nghiệp


    • Part 1: Crafting out the purpose, vision & goal
      Knowing the technique of designing life through purpose, vision, goal
    • Part 2: Learn the skillset on goal setting & goal achieving
      In this part you will learn the intellectual process & lawful process
    • Part 4: Breakthrough for the mindset
      Knowing all techniques & knowledge is not enough, you need a new mindset to practice and drive yourself to success
    • Part 3: Use the tool to strengthen the ability to live your vision
      What is your vision? Many people don’t have it. So start to look into your deep now