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Applying 21 Laws to the Five Levels of Leadership

21 Laws refer to The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, one of John C Maxwell’s must-read leadership book. As you learn about the 5 levels of leadership, you probably wonder which laws to practice on each level. The truth is that every law can be practiced on every level. However, certain laws are best learned [...]

How do leaders save a broken relationship?

Good leaders are constantly cultivating and managing relationships with people at work. Anytime a relationship is strained, damaged or broken, they need to address the problem as quickly as possible. So how can you tell when a relationship has become broken? These are the most common signs: It’s hard to have an honest conversation: When [...]

Best leaders know how to retain talents

We already explore the four types of leaders who cause employees to leave. However, the truth is, no matter how good we are as leaders, employees still leave. What we can do is to improve and put our effort in becoming a leader that employees always want to follow. The below actions and behaviors will [...]

Why people leave your company?

A survey shows that up to 65% of people quitting their jobs is because of the direct bosses. The employees themselves still love their jobs and the company still gives them benefits. But they leave because of bad relationship with their supervisors. In other words, they don’t leave jobs, but they leave leaders. These are [...]

Best leaders are listeners

We always know that listening is one of the most important skills for effective communication, and for leaders, this skill is even more crucial – because of the following reasons. 1. We must understand others before leading others: Leadership ability begins with understanding others. We cannot connect and motivate our staff if we don’t know [...]