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How do leaders motivate an unmotivated person?

Many leaders think that they can change people but that is not possible. People must change themselves. That doesn’t mean that leaders have no responsibility to people in their organizations in the area of motivation. It’s the leaders’ job to create an environment and culture where motivation is valued and rewarded. Below are ways to [...]

Why people leave your company?

A survey shows that up to 65% of people quitting their jobs is because of the direct bosses. The employees themselves still love their jobs and the company still gives them benefits. But they leave because of bad relationship with their supervisors. In other words, they don’t leave jobs, but they leave leaders. These are [...]

Best leaders don’t manage time

One day in our life can be seen as a suitcase, of the same size as anyone else’s suitcase. The same suitcase, but some people can keep more things in it than others. The reason is: they know what items to keep, and how to keep them nicely. So “time management” is in fact “self-management”, [...]

Best leaders are listeners

We always know that listening is one of the most important skills for effective communication, and for leaders, this skill is even more crucial – because of the following reasons. 1. We must understand others before leading others: Leadership ability begins with understanding others. We cannot connect and motivate our staff if we don’t know [...]